The Story

The Princess of Carnia, imbued with magical powers, had kept the kingdom in a time of peace and prosperity for many years, shielding it from the outside influence of the evil Zards - an ancient order of mysterious wizards.

One night, the Zards attacked the kingdom by surprise, capturing the princess. They locked her in her chambers, tethered to magic orbs that exploited her magical energy to release chaos into the land. Species once again became prone to their carnal instincts, and even the dead rose from their tombs. The Zards scattered the keys to the tower throughout the world in order to deter her rescue.

One lone soldier, Foxum, an expert archer and hunter, has vowed to defeat the Zards, rescue the princess, and return Carnia to a time of order and prosperity...


  • Up/Down/Left/RIght - Move
  • Z - Attack (hold for a 2-stage charge attack)
  • X - Action 
    • Purchase Upgrades 
    • Activate Portal 
    • Tap to break free of spider webs


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I think you will like this, JeffPack

This is amazing! :D Great job! You have death warps and everything and you totally perfected the charge shot! You made me sweat a bit on that last room with some of those dodges. Woo! LOL This brought a smile to my face to be sure! You're much better at this game than the me! haha Thanks for sharing!

Too often does it not shoot in the direction ordered. (have lost ~2000 gold because of this bug making me miss what should have been the clean last shot needed to kill an enemy near me while attempting to A. return to the shop, or B. get back to my loot from my last death, forcing me to waste way too much time on grinding, just to be able to get the money back I lost on the non-respawning rewards)

Thanks for playing, SkyCharger! Sorry about the controls! Because of the shoot on release mechanic which was required for the charge shot coupled with the ability to strafe while you charge, if you try to do things too quickly, it will definitely feel buggy. I originally had the gem piles respawn but quickly realized it made the game too easy as you could just simply grind one screen and get all the upgrades in a matter of minutes without exploring the world.

you could set up a bank in the shop so that when the player returns to the shop he has the chance to save his gold. (i reckon that this should be a good middle road)

I agree, and I would love to do that, but unfortunately I don't have any more cartridge space. PICO-8 restrictions are crazy! :) 

I had to sacrifice several mechanics I wanted in order to get the size of the world to achieve any sense of adventure. This being my first PICO-8 game, I wanted to see how far I could push the engine. But these are all notes I'm taking to heart for the next game. Your input is much appreciated.

Very well made. The ending was a bit disapointing, as on the frame the last enemy is killed, the ending message appears. 

Thanks for playing through it! I had better plans for the ending but unfortunately I ran out of cartridge space.

The style reminds me of Zelda game a lot ! Really nice!

Thanks! :)